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ANALYZING TED TALKS – F— YOU — how to stop screwing yourself over | Mel Robbins | TEDxSF

A long time ago I promised myself that if I listen to something I better study it, but now I have books and books filled with my notes from all the lectures/talks/workshops…I have done and I want the information to take deeper hold. Or as Jim Rohn puts it “Don´t let learning lead to knowledge. Let it lead to action” So this is my attempt to get what I´m studying from my head to my heart. I´m going to share my notes from listening with you, or I´m not going to listen at all.

And I choose this random talk because, well, the speaker Mel Robbins is kicking my butt to do something about this idea that I have been gestating for the last years. I mean I was still in Iceland when I got the chance to study with “Guðjón Bergman” and his parting advice was “Bryan, you know so much already. What I want to see is you start sharing what you know instead of learning forever”

In this talk she addrFine is a horrible word that holds you backesses the dangers of accepting the status quo and what we can do about it. I like her style and energy and will let her do the talking but I´m highlighting some key areas for myself and maybe we can get a discussion going about what we are going to do with this message. Note the pictures are from her talk.

Getting what you want is simple, but not easy

I have started to realize this more and more. I used to think “How can this person be more successful then me? I mean, I´m smarter then that person!” But that´s not the point. Its all about “Am I willing to pay the Price?” Will I be ok with being laughed at? Getting rejections? Doing something that won´t be perfect?

Am I willing to look at life as a series of experiments where I learn from each thing that happens to me or will I wait for everything to align, like all the traffic lights from here to my destination, before I go ahead and take action, fail, learn from it, and take action again.

Don't hit the internal snooze button

 It is actually quite fitting that I´m sitting inside with the rain going on outside. I was thinking to myself “I feel like running…but its raining” but this slide is challenging me. I also recently heard another person say “Right now, there is a busier person then you out there running”. I´m going back to my “WHY” to make them more solid to stimulate me getting out there again, one step at a time.

The odds of me being born is 1 in 400.000.000.000Just the fact that I´m here typing right now is an amazing chance. You just being born is 1:400.000.000.000, yes one in 400 trillion. We have already one the lotto. In fact I´m guessing that if your reading this blog right now you one of the richest people in history of the human race, because if your family has over 48.000$ as annual salary your part of the 1% and if you can afford traveling for vacation your in the top 5% wealthiest people in the world. “But more on that later”

She ends with the cool idea that the feeling of being stuck is just the same basic symptom as when we are hungry when we need food or sleepy when we need sleep. So its time to challenge ourselves and what we have come to think is “Fine” and force ourselves to go outside our comfort zone.  The first three seconds hurt, that’s the emergency break in our brain, but if we take action before five seconds are up we can stop that emergency break from stopping us.

SO GO! I´m standing up right now!