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Samen Zorg Regelen – Lets Create Care Together

I’m thankful that I have the chance to participate in events like I do because its you often meet people that are pushing the human race forward. And this Friday I got a chance to attend the “Samen Zorg Regelen” (Lets Create Care Together) where I meet people working on healthcare initiatives that are coming from different backgrounds and working in different sectors. And that is where I believe you get innovation. Because its hard to see things from a different viewpoint than your own. (One of the reasons why I’m a fan of traveling and open borders).


Karsten Klein was as usual at the event
I thought it was great to see an “mature” audience engaging in the discussions about E-Health and asking critical questions. And great to see the people working in the field taking the time to patiently explain things to them.
Representing the IZI healthcare team


Samen Zorg Regelen
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