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Trump is right about voter-fraud, just did not get it right who is committing it..its the politicians.

Let America VoteA open letter to the inspiring organisation Let America Vote.

Thank you for fighting the good fight! I am wondering what are the most effective things that I can do since I left the USA when I was 5 to go live in Europe? I feel a bit responsible for Trump since I never got around to figure out how to vote in the USA. I am born in California but my family lives in Florida and when I contacted the state department they sent me a link to a website where I got lost trying to figure out what my steps should be. Its people like me that did not or could not register that got that thing elected, and it has been a rude awakening. Freedom is definitely not free, its work, but work with a lot of benefits.

I even thought about leaving my comfortable life in Europe and moving back to the states to try to help, but I am not even sure what I could do to make a difference…plus I must admit that the quality of life in the USA is not something that is appealing to me after having lived here and traveled the world. But I can´t help loving my country and wanting it to become all that it can be.

Sorry for my ramblings, I am venting as well explaining my situation. Maybe I could be involved with helping Americans abroad registering to vote. I´m currently living in The Netherlands and have family around in Scandinavia. Hope that you could point me in the right direction and that you never lose hope. Godspeed

Bryan Allen Smith III