I feel like a grumpy old man because I just don’t click with some new music.

First of all I have to clarify that I listen to a lot of music. Music is a big part of my life and personality. My first paid job was when I was performing in an Opera with some other boys from the boys choir I was in. I would always be singing and my family even remember a few times when I was singing while I was a sleep.

Then when I got older I discovered old school hip-hop and as someone that came from a background of a broken home with a struggling sick mother I connected to the lyrics in some ways of seeing that the world was broken and needed fixing. The lyricism of Jurassic 5, The Fugees with Lauryn HillWyclef Jean and NAS… (And as I’m writing this article I just found out that The Jungle Brothers are going to be in The Hague)

But here is where my dilemma starts, and I’m guessing that the hatred that I’m going to receive from expressing this dilemma…I have a hard time connecting with new music! :S I listened for a week at a time on repeat to Lemonade with Beyoncé, or Life of Pablo with Kanye West, or just everything that Kendrick Lamar…and, well, it just doesn’t do anything for me. There are one or two places where I go “Aww, snap, that is a brilliant turn of phrase/dope beat” (Yes, I know that I sound whack, but that is really my vocabulary), but most of the time I’m listing and trying to get into the groove or philosophize about the lyrics, and is simply feels uninspiring.

It really has been bothering me, but maybe I should not be surprised because every year I watch the MTV VMA and the Billboard music awards and I end up fast forwarding through most of it. I think that maybe I have just turned old and suffer from what South Park calls Cynical Asshole syndrome

What do you think? Is music getting less interesting or am I just turning into an old guy on the porch complaining about the world 😛 Would like to see the discussions develop, but please lets try to be civil and explain our arguments instead of just expecting people to understand where we are coming from when they don’t have the context needed to fully understand.


1 thought on “I feel like a grumpy old man because I just don’t click with some new music.

  1. I think there may be a sweet spot during our formative years that defines what sort of music is pleasing to us. That is a time were our preference in music is formed. A phenomenon that might be similar is the way foxes are very curious and open to new thing until a certain age were they start to shun anything new and unfamiliar. This might be a survival trait.

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