Monthly Archives: February 2017

Making a difference, everyday

I remember Jim Martin pointing out in his book The Just Church that evil is patient, they know that we are only outraged for a while and then we move on because of our “Shiny Object Syndrome”.
Boycotting for one day is exactly that, and often when we look at other organisations attempts to organize days like that you notice that people actually just buy more the day before and after the boycott day so they never experience withdrawal symptoms.
What I need to do is, like a drug users, get over my addictions of these good for nothing products and systematically eradicate them from our lives and embrace a new found freedom and lifestyle.
And yes I´m struggling myself, I´m trying to quit and actually its through that this struggle that I´m really noticing how crazy addictive many of these products are even though they aren´t good for the environment or my health.
I´m sticking to this though because the fact is that I vote every day, with my resources of Time, Talent and Treasure (money). How I invest or spend or waste these resources shows the world how I really feel about the world. Do I say I want change? Well am I willing to change? How much am I willing to change? Am I willing to change when its inconvenient? How about when it hurts?
Its easy to be a slackervist but I have been a slackervist for to long and want to show myself and others that I´m willing to actually do what it takes to make a difference in this world…even when it hurts. Because there are other people that are hurting way more then me and they deserve a chance.