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Samen Zorg Regelen – Lets Create Care Together

I’m thankful that I have the chance to participate in events like I do because its you often meet people that are pushing the human race forward. And this Friday I got a chance to attend the “Samen Zorg Regelen” (Lets Create Care Together) where I meet people working on healthcare initiatives that are coming from different backgrounds and working in different sectors. And that is where I believe you get innovation. Because its hard to see things from a different viewpoint than your own. (One of the reasons why I’m a fan of traveling and open borders).


Karsten Klein was as usual at the event
I thought it was great to see an “mature” audience engaging in the discussions about E-Health and asking critical questions. And great to see the people working in the field taking the time to patiently explain things to them.
Representing the IZI healthcare team


Samen Zorg Regelen
To see more pictures from the event click here 



Holidays, Hamilton and setting up 2017 to be the best year yet.

Just got back to civilization, were 3 weeks in USA for Thanksgiving 😉 I added a few kg and I’m detoxing after overdosing on all that food…but man its cold here. And if you think its strange that a guy from Iceland is complaining about being cold I always highlight that I have never been as cold as when I moved to the Netherlands.:P However since we are going to India for 3 weeks after Christmas I think I’ll survive. Just take things once day at a time.

I want to acknowledge that I’m aware that I always tell people never to share online if they are aren’t home so they won’t make things easy for burgles however since we practice “Essential Minimalism” I’m sure that our home will be quite disappointing for people to try to rob, unless they are into stealing books and I’m also streamlining that and going digital so that won’t be an issue for us either. I’m doing 30 min of digitizing paper per day…we will see when that project will be done with 😉

What I am doing though regarding security for traveling I do recommend this LastPass blog. I’m going trough all my passwords right now to update then and deconnect my accounts to prevent things going wrong if my digital devices are stolen.

On another subject there is though the small problem that Christmas in the Netherlands is horribly boring. They don’t really celebrate it and don’t have real snow so that just depressing :S but its then up to me to fix that 😉 Just the tough thing is that I get homesick for the best food in the world. What food may that be? Icelandic food of course! Anyone here that is up for creating something epic together?

Also did any of you get selected for the Impact City? Our ideas didn’t…but that is not stopping me. I have been listening to “Hamilton the musical” non-stop (well not non-stop because I’m listening to classical music right now but you get the picture) but the point is that I’m super pumped up to “not going to throw away my shot” and to start standing up for injustice no matter what the consequences. Do or die 🙂

“I picked up a pen, I write my own deliverance” Alexander Hamilton from the Musical Hamilton (BTW I don’t own the picture)


And that brings me to the main point of my rant today. The song”Hurricane” inspired me to “pick up a pen and write my own deliverance”. I have already mentioned the frustrations I have had with the current political and economic system because I truly believe that “We can do better than this” so I’m going to “write my way out”. I can’t expect people to understand if they haven’t been told. I should not be so judgmental because once I didn’t know many of the things I have been so fortunate to get to know. And not everyone has the luxury of the time I have for research.

So if it is to be its up to me. I can’t expect others to do things that I find uncomfortable. I don’t like conflict but there are other people that don’t like to go to bed hungry or worried or scarred. My discomfort is nothing compared to that so many are suffering right now. And “Although no one can to everything, everyone can do something” and incremental improvements beat no improvements…and in the meantime I can work on things that are real paradigm shifts. Looking forward to telling you all about the Impact City projects we are working on.

Until then “history has its eyes on you”, “what side of history are you going to be”?