Finding Zen in the Japanese Garden of The Hague

The Japanese garden of The Hague

We have a tradition of going every spring and fall to visit the Japanese garden of The Hague to take pictures and catch with our friends. Its one of my favorite things to do every year and I’m pretty sure that part of the charm is that its only open a few weeks a year so it feels exclusive…well most of the time 😛 Today not so much.

It was the perfect weather, people walking in t-shirts and I even thought to myself that I could even sit and sunbathe 😛 But that also lead to floods of people being there. I almost felt like I was in Disney World. And another side affect of the nice weather was that the fall colors where not there.

It was easy to feel boxed in and disappointed because of the long time it took to wait in line to take pictures…but some some strange reason I was happy. And for people that know me that is a strange feeling 😉

I easily get frustrated because I want things to go according to plan and you should see me if my computer lags just a few seconds. I this strange feeling of zen I contribute to the fact that we were together with awesome people and that was the most important thing after all.

What are we thankful for today?

What did we see that was beautiful today?

What did we do that was beautiful today?


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