The Present Principle

Goooood morning/day/evening/night, whatever time it is when you read this! —Everything in this article with quotation marks will later become a article

I’m starting to use the Present Principle…today! I have been working on making my mornings into my favorite part of the day and read a lot on how to do that and it looks like this is simply the most realistic actionable plan.

Present is a acronym for








You can read more about it on the website of Chaire Diaz Orits but here I’m going to take you through my own morning and I’m moving things around a little bit and focusing on what I need to get from it. Claire says “Do one thing today that truly nourishes you. Take a bath. Read a novel. Play with a baby. Do it for you.” and I agree but since I’m focusing on doing all this in the morning I’m just focusing on eating a healthy breakfast as my Nourishment.

First of all I have to make things doable and “set myself up for success”. That means “getting a good night sleep” and making sure that I don’t check my phone the first thing in the morning so I don’t keep it in the bedroom. In fact the phone is not allowed at the Dinner-table, Bathroom or Bedroom. (yes, I’m one of those that check it while I’m still in bed…or that is used to before today!

I also SCHEDULE my day the day before with my GF, that allows my brain to work on issues while I’m sleeping but also lets me relax because I know what I have to do and when so I can hit the ground running when I wake up. And its actually powerful when you know that you going to have an amazing morning, I actually was looking forward to going to sleep so I could wake up and implement this.

The first thing I do when I wake up is to start my TRACKING. I’m using Toggl for that, its running throughout the day to help me “Quality task instead of multitask”, and I’m using HabitRPG to “gamify my life”.

I make oatmeal and while I’m waiting for it to get ready I open all the windows in the house to “get fresh air” and do “EXERCISE“. What I do is pull-ups, push ups and lift weights. I don’t do that for more then 5 min but I give it all I got and am exhausted, proud of myself and really awake.

Then I sit and enjoy my NOURISHMENT of a healthy breakfast and while I’m eating I’m READ the bible. I’m using the Bible In One Year App on my phone, I also have a printed copy but I like the commentary from Nicky Gumbel the founder of “the Alpha course”. Plus “my Hero Bear Grylls” says it’s ‘My favourite way to start the day.’

After reading I go into a small room to get away from distractions, put on some “Soaking music” and PRAY in a “*power pose” for around 5 minutes.

And now I’m EXPRESSING myself by writing this blog and I write down 3 things that I’m thankful for every morning and thank God every night for 3 things before going to sleep. “Attitude of Gratitude”

I want to do more and better but “its more important to have a ok plan that works rather then a perfect plan that can’t be implemented” Thank you “Tim Ferriss” for your insights on that!! I’m going to keep this post short and simple and even then it took me an hour to write but everyone has to start somewhere and “every winner was a beginner”. I encourage you to begin as well, you can do everyone of these steps one minute each and the rewards are definitely worth it. If you have any questions just ask, it helps me as well so your also giving me a gift by doing that.

Now go and have a seriously brilliant day!



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