Groasis Waterboxx has amazing results in Morocco

Yes, we can change the world for the better! Thanks for the Waterboxx! Keep up the good work Groasis!!!


Photo credit: Groasis

Groasis Waterboxx planted in October 2011

Sahara Roots

Tree planting project in “Le Petit Prince” in the Sahara desert of Morocco

Sahara Roots uses the Groasis Waterboxx to plant native trees. Despite the harsh conditions the plantings are very successful. Sahara Roots wants to help create awareness about the importance of maintaining the environment. The activities are focussed on planting trees, assisting in clean-up
campaigns and in stimulating the children.

In October 2010 the first Groasis Waterboxxes arrived in the Sahara in Morocco. Around Bivouac Le Petit Prince they started planting using this technique together with the local people.

The area has been split up in 4 different planting sites. The entrance to Bivouac Le Petit Prince camp, an area behind the restaurant tent, the back of the Le Petit Prince Camp and the Nebkah area. The start of the planting on this last site just started…

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