Happy New Year, 2015 the best year yet

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you all had a blast with 2014 but its time to let bygones be bygones, let the rubber hit the road and do whatever is in our power to make

“2015 the best year yet!”

One of the many different things that I´m doing to “Set myself up for success” is to “Start blogging again”. As you have heard “The Examined life is not worth living”, at least according to Socrates but more importantly to “My Hero Jim Rohn”. He talks about “the power of journaling ” as a way of self examination and personal development because quite often we are dealing with the same “problems/opportunities” over and over again because we never bother learning the lessons that are wrapped in the disguise of “problems”

So, I´m back to expressing myself on the Internet, Hello world! And why will it work this time around? Aha, there lies the secret my friends. “Killing perfectionism”, “Baby Steps”, “Accountability Partners” and “Mastermind Groups”…My arsenal is now full of the stuff that I have learned in the last decades of studying the best of the best and I´m finally “inspired/desperate” enough to “actually do what needs to be done”

So why don´t you join me on this “Excellent Adventure” and lets have a “Seriously Brilliant” year.

Bryan Allen Smith III


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